Can you travel interstate with Salamanca Fruit Leathers?

Yes.  Because this product is dehydrated it meets quarantine regulations.  

How do I store my Salamanca Fruit Leathers?

Store your Salamanca Fruit Leathers at room temperature in a dry place.  You are not required to store your fruit leathers in a refrigerator.  

Does Salamanca Fruit Leathers contain sugar?

Our fruit leathers only contain fructose that is naturally occurring within the fruit itself.  There is no additional sugar added. 

Does Salamanca Fruit Leathers have any additives?

No.  Our fruit leathers are made with 100% natural fruit, no added sugars, preservatives or colouring.  

Are Salamanca Fruit Leathers dairy/ nut/ gluten free?

Yes.  Our products are  made from 100% natural fruit with no additives.  

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes.  Please contact us via the "contact us" tab to discuss further.

Where else can I purchase Salamanca Fruit Leathers?

You can purchase our fruit leathers either from our online store or from Salamanca Market every Saturday from 8:00am to 3.00pm.  

Can I request flavour combinations that are not on your online store?

Yes.  if there is a flavour combination that you would like and you do not see it on our online store, we would be happy to custom make it for you dependant on fruit availability.  To discuss further please contact us using the "contact us" tab.